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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. napa students return to class after the 6.0 magnitude earthquake. we have the first thing the students will do if school. >> bart repairs a section of track at the service was forced to stop. here is what you can expect just ahead. >> surf's up, big waves this morning as hurricane marie includes in the pacific. >> a lot going on today. meteorologist mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. >> we will talk about the waves and the latest on the earthquake but, first, the forecast if you are walking out now with clouds rolling in santa rosa at visibility and nine at half moon bay for visibility. a few clouds are moving in, and total sunshine by noon and 71 and 80 by 4:00 and 70 at 7:00 and clouds in the north bay
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valley and otherwise sunny inland and sunshine and 80 at noon and 90 by 4:00 and upper 70's at 7:00 and like the last couple of days we will see more sun than normal in the summer months at the coast with mid-to-upper 60's. from pleasant hill and walnut creek it is building but will coming around the corner traffic is moving and then it starts to bunch up at highway 24. all lanes have cleared southbound nimitz and you can see the backup that it caused between dakota road and thornton avenue with an ambulance on the scene and injuries involved. the backup from before highway 92. 101 away from sfo to san francisco could take you ten minutes to the low deck of the bib bib. >> bart avoided what could have been a mess of a commute. crews worked through the night to fix track damage and fixed it
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just in time. this is the first train at 4:40 headed to sfo with service running as normal. we are over the scene as all service between concord and check correct was stopped and the investigation could take a while to determine what caused a while to determine what caused a train wheel to pug -- >> and there are 400 customers in napa with no water. city is working to repair 100 lines. pg&e restored all customers. in vallejo 12 buildings are red tagged and 75 yellow tagged. >> 29 of the 30 schools in napa will re-open. only school has structural damage is stone ridge, a private
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school has been yellow tagged because mortar is falling off the 80-year-old willing with each after shock and we had two last night, one around 11 o'clock p.m. and one after midnight. the church is red tagged because of falling piles. our reporter will have a report in theness half hour. with schools re-opening officials have closed the collection sites and we captured this huge pile of debris and garbage covering a parking lot at napa high school and people been dropping off truckloads of debris here and other locations around town. officials are now asking residents to dutch debris at other designated sites. we the locations listed at the focus turned to cleaning up areas hit hard by the earthquake and the warning is beginning for police and consumer groups to watch out for
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scammers. katie? at the residents burned to the ground. the manager of the park put on a community meeting along with the captain of insurance fraud with the focus of avoiding criminals and unlicensed contractors. it is a felony to do contract work without a license in a disaster area. it and a reminder for the elderly population of the park, some are still waiting to have their homes assessed. >> this is rippling in the back so...i don't know. it needs work. >> has anyone been out? >> not yet. four mobile peoples burned to the ground after protecten gas lines sparked fires and many suffered you have am dam --
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suffered structurallal damage. the manager said everyone gets break on their rent in summer and those who can not live if their hopes do not have to pay rent and that gave a large round of applause at the meeting. napa firefighters have been working long hours since the earthquake struck and have barely had time to deal with their own losses yesterday the cries went into the napa firefighters museum to look over the damage and the building was hit so hard that it has been yellow tagged. antique extinguishers fell off the shelves and many things broke and firefighters say it could be a while before they can clean up. >> all of our crews are working overtime and our resources are local. we have to take care of the community first before we deal with this. >> the may seem is lacking for value materials to clean up the mess.
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damage to the front of the building needs to be fixed best museum can re-open. >> the oakland raiders are presenting a $50,000 donation check to assist in recovery efforts. willie brown will present the donation on behalf of the team. the money is to help the men red cross, napa valley unified school district and the education foundation. the raiders completed the 19th training can this napa and the summer training camp is at valley marriott. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the napa earthquake where you will find a photo gallery of the damage and tip on preparing for the next disaster on our website with break news alerts. alerts. follow us on twitter@ the 280 freeway extension
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between 101 and king street in san francisco at 2:00 p.m. on thursday and will not re-open until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday after labor day. the closing will allow caltrain to replace two bridge hinges near the over crossing as part of a retrofit. southbound 280 stays open with two similar closings happening this year. watch out giants fan headed to the game this weekend. cannot do the 280 extension to the ballpark. >> more on traffic. as we look at traffic we have plan "b" in affect and mass transit has egg running on time and no problems on bart and muni and ace train. we are dealing with lays and backups headed into fremont at 27 miles per hour and a crash cleared and it was at thornton avenue. delays are from before highway 92 and 580 westbound tracy to
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dublin is 44 minutes and westbound antioch to concord is 24 minutes and from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. in gilroy we have an overturned vehicle on its side and one people was trapped and one lane is blocked. there are injuries, as well, and the travels are show with delays from 152 and no word on when it will re-open. magnitude 1.30 or greater we have last five in 12 hours. one was south 121 in the mountains and the others to the northwest of the airport south of highway 12. good news is what is expected the next seven days, larger earthquake and 2 percent happening of 5 or greater and weak aftershocks 3 to 5 possibly
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one to ten over seven days. we will work outside a lot in the sunshine which will be strong and the temperatures are going to be warmer-than-average temperatures at 84 degrees for the average and we are in the upper 80's the next several days. we have issues with the marine forecast along the coast as far as the waves and a southern blow is 6' to 8'. tomorrow they are coming from the south and that will be most affected if they are facing south. thanks, mike, the bay area is bracing for bigger than norm am waves subsequent rated by hurricane marie in the pacific with high surf hitting the southern california coastline. matt is in pacifica which is bracing, as well. matt? >> check out the waves in
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pacificamount, they are expected to get bigger today and tomorrow and in southern california the beaches could have the biggest waves in 17 years because of hurricane marie. surfers enjoyed waves up to 10' high and reaching up to 30' today. is what the surfers hope for, the biggest wave since 1997. beaches up the southern california coast will see large ways and rip currents. be warned. waves in the bay area will reap -- reap -- reach 6' to 8' and tomorrow is the biggest day. caught on camera, a nine-year-old girl shoots and killed a man with an uzi in an
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accident. >> super sized ipads. how big apple is considering make the popular tablet. we have a new way to keep you in the know, the abc7 news with a gorgeous shot looking down on the city with the fog and clouds hanging over us and the golden gate bridge, too, and another view of the sun about to rise.
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look from the rooftop camera to the bay and the bay bridge in the back ground with clear skies over san francisco. look at the clouds on the east side. more of the forecast and what we can expect from meteorologist mike nicco. >> trouble story from arizona after a nine-year-old girl shoots and killed an instructor at a gun rake caught on -- gun range caught on camera. the accident happened while then instructor was showing the child how toment an uzi. the girl's automatic weapon
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kicked backfiring a bullet into the instruttor's head. employees of the range say the girl was visiting from new york and he parents were at the range when it happened. the minimum age at the gun range is eight years old accompanied by parents. the kept's largest cable and internet provides is recovering after a massive outage after internet and ondemand service was taken down. time warner serves from hawaii to new york but not the bay area with service mostly restored. it is blamed on maintenance. >> a drone could save a church damaged bit evening. a man got permission to use the drone to shoot damage of church and shared it with the pass tore and structural engineers who will use it to see if they can
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save the front wall of the church. >> i am not an engineer but this is good information to have if i tried to do an assessment. staffers were weaponed about a stained glass window from germany. he get a closeup look and says there is in damage. at all. >> apple fans: they ready to release a new ipad. it will have a 12.9" screen with the current pad about two new iphones will be released next month with larger screens. >> instagram has a new app that lets users create your own time-lapse video recording 45 minutes of footage and speeds it
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up. in word on when a droid version could available. great app for my son's baseball game or all the little kids' sports activity. >> are we slowing things down with the sun or speeding things up? speeding up. limited cloud cover. live doppler hd is showing how dry it is. because of high pressure. in the south bay we will talk about temperatures, upper 50's if campbell and saratoga and santa clara and cupertino and sunnyvale and alum rock and san jose is at 81. 58 in san carlos and
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alameda. 57 at bodega bay and half moon bay. the cloud cover from sutro tower you can see how broken it is leaving at 9:00 or 10:00. tops. friday is the warmest day. clouds are mostly at the coast. a few will spill through late overnight through the morning commute but they will not last. not with the warm weather. high clouds over the weekend and cooler because of hurricane marie. no rain. home 90 and 77 in santa cruz and low-to-middity the prosecute of the valley and san jose is 88. low 80's for most of the peninsula but san jose north mid-to-upper 70. low 70's around downtown and 78 in petaluma, and napa is warmest at 88 so strong sunshine and hot temperatures. be careful. sun screen. plenty of water.
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mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore and close to credit at fremont at 79 and inland we are flirting with 90 and some mid-90's around antioch and brentwood and warmer tomorrow. wednesday game, a night game, but we will have a game tomorrow to round it out at 64 with sunshine and partly cloudy at 65 at 10:00. tomorrow is the warmest with the mid-90's inland and low 80's around the bay and upper 60's to low 70's at the coast and san francisco with high clouds on friday and cooler weather will last through sunday and when that passes we get a warmup on monday and tuesday were nice weather. summer is become. in gilroy we have increasing backups because of the over turned vehicle with one lane open northbound highway 101 the delays continue as you hoof your way to the area but backup
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before 152. a backup through emeryville but it is smooth through berkeley but it is fuller. we do have a closure we have warned you about, northbound 280 from highway 101 to king street we are closed for hinge replacement starting tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. until tuesday at 5:00 people so if you are headed to the game at at&t park, the giants take on the rockies, we have a 12:45 game and you will get there in time but evening games for the rest of the weekend so map ahead. a late night comic says good night to cable tv. >> hello highlights from the farewell show. we have a new way to keep you updates the abc7 news with san
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>> now we will check with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up on "good morning
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america" hurricanes on the east and west coast stirring up dangerous tides and rip currents and waves up to 15' that is coming up in 36 minutes. >> chelsea hand dealer is -- handler is saying good by to e network and moving to netflix and final episode aired last night. dozens of stars including 50 crept and miley and jennifer aniston stopped by. handler will move on with netflix creating comedy and documentary specials to debut in 2015 and premiere a brand new talk show in 2016. >> eyeants fans cannot quick stop talking about bumgarner and posey against the rockyies
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this spectacular catch. posey hit two home runs supplying the giants offense and bumgarner elect try filed -- electrified at&t park but the bid was helped but he pitch a complete one hitter in the giants victory bumgarner struck out 13 in performance. >> and a 15-year-old african girl gaining attention at the u.s. open winning her first round map in flushing meadows and was fearless against 12th seed and won if three sets and the first 15-year-old to win sin
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1996 and the young of the american in 28 years to win. morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including the boy crushed by falling pricks and we will hear from the teen seriously hurt in the earthquake. back-to-school today in napa the first day back sin earthquake. >> five aftershocks the lat -- last 12 hours with a warming friend. who will see the 90's? that coming up in the forecast. a look behind me with a busy walnut creek commute on 680 southbound. first look at this the all new abc7 news with remark and weather throughout the entire commercial break with complete
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chase. so you can. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at
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6:28. this is napa high school. what are they doing if removing debris because folks were told to drop off the debris at napa schools and folks are coming back to day can they want to be rid of the trash. there it goes. good morning, everyone, at 6:30. you can make it safe for the students returning, right? >> it looks to be a golf day with such rising early or clearing. >> cloud deck is suppressed and it will not go past 9:00. we have winds from the southwest at fairfield at 17 miles per hour and everyone else is less than six miles per hour with high pressure squeezing and drying the marine layer. we can see the bay and the orange of the warm sunshine is about to break free. broken clouds and upper 50's to low 60's and by noon we are at 80 and 90 at 4:00 and the upper
6:31 am
70 at 7:00 and away the bay, low 70 at noon to nearly 80 at 4:00 and back down to 70's by 7:00 and in the mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast with almost as much sunshine as yesterday. >> in fog. no traffic. a beautiful drive headed in from marin to san francisco and the rest of bay area is busy. the sunol grade has an accident blocking the shoulder southbound 680, we have a slow and go drive from pleasanton to the sunol grade. to the south, even. 580 tracy to dublin is 45 minutes when 580 and westbound 4 antioch to concord is 25 miles per hours and southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 101 at 21 minutes. the latest on the earthquake 29 of 30 schools in the napa unified school distribute will re-open and only stone bridge
6:32 am
charter school is closed because of structurallal damage and 103 build education are red tagged, with 60 building instructors with 60 building instructors going up to 2 on wednesday. and now, amy hollyfield is at napa high school. amy? yes, look behind me. a crew is here trying to clear a huge pile of garbage. it is in front of napa high school and this is where the people have been bringing the earthquake debris the past few days but officials say no more. this is in longer a garbage dump site. it time to get back to the education business. officials decided to re-open the napa schools today and have shut
6:33 am
them down to check out the buildings with minor issues here and there that need to be fixed but overall they have said the schools are safe. >> we take all the doors wherever there are issues with lights or fixtures that need replacing and they have been working their way around since sunday. >> a school has poet pointed the opening day and that is stone ridge charter school, a few cracks in the building and they want more time to address that and everyone else in napa, the public schools are headed become to class and the administrators have changed the lesson plan because of the sunday earthquake and the first thing this only is have an evening drill. people are directed to other drop off locations for the earthquake debris including prior station 5 and the community center and a lot on
6:34 am
3rd street. we have a full list of locations on continuing our coverage with katie marzullo bringing more on what is done to prevent the earthquake victims from becoming victims, again, this time of scam artists. katie marzullo. this is so were work ahead for people whose homes remain damaged at mobile home park. they have to be careful would they hired to do that work. the manage of the park and a police captain with the state department of insurance fraud posted a meeting and more than 100 residents attended and the focus is how to avoid unlicensed contractors and straight up criminals. the signs went up in the park, too, and it is a felony to do contract work without a license if a disaster area an important reminder for the population of the park when everything is so vulnerable. >> i think of it right now...i
6:35 am
am alive. i am alive. i am safe. nothing like the poor people over there that lost their homes. that is heart goes out to them. four mobile homes burned to the ground after broken gas lines sparked fires and many other homes suffered structural damage but no one was hurt. the manager of a park announced everyone would get some kind of break on the rent in september and those who cannot live in their homes at all will not have to pay represent at all next month. >> residents were going to list names of volunteer groups and churches will to not only help with cleanup but offer emotional support. the city of napa has provided an interactive map showing how many buildings have been red tagged concentrated in the downtown area. we have a think to the map on our website at we have a if you look at the
6:36 am
earthquake damage shaking cracked walls at the house of prayer. you can see the extensive damage in this video. the religious retreat is closed to the public until safety inspection is complete. it is almost 100 years old. >> napa teen critically injured is share his story for the first time. the 13-year-old nicholas legal -- dillon is grateful to be alive after he was crushed during a sleepover. his pelvis was broke were and he is recovering after nunn hours of surgery -- af of surgery. >> i called my friend to get to the door and i put my knee on the floor and the chimney collapsed. he is recovering at the medical center and doctors say it will be six months before he will be able to walk.
6:37 am
but you have to love his spirit. he programmed four months he will be on his feet. stay with abc7 news come for continuing coverage of the then pa earthquake and a photo gallery of the damage and tips on proposing positive the next disaster on our website with breaking news alerts on sub's up -- surf's up and big waves are expected today and what is behind the swells. the serial stowaway strikes again and what is facing the california woman after being caught again this time in arizona. >> as we send you to break we have a new way to were coup you in the know as we look at the beautiful sunrise from sutro tower camera the abc7 news now staying on through the entire commercial break including watching the bay bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza and the golden gate bridge all hooking
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i surwhat?e so.? foster farms. celebrating 75 years. always natural. always fresh. join the celebration at diverted to minneapolis... i think my giblets are frozen. and now through the 90's in the central valley and 94 in yosemite, and monterey, 70 with a few clouds creeping in and mid-to-upper 80's around san diego low and los angeles. the latest from hurricane marie
6:41 am
which is weakening but it looks impressive on satellite at winds at 84 so category one and it stays well with the of us as we have talked all week and the waves are the biggest thing at 10 or 15' at least in southern california through friday evening and we get 6' to 8' swells off the coast by 20 miles and they are coming from the southeast and tomorrow they come from the south and we will get them across the coast. watch out. heavy backups along the altamont pass and never had a chance to recover from hayward because of the early crash involving four vehicles between dakota and thornton avenue so a tough drive. as we take you to berkeley we have an accident cleared to the shoulder but we have debris in the lanes and westbound 80 at university avenue we do generally have a little bit of a slow-and-go condition and here is a look at san jose where it
6:42 am
is quiet and accident free the interchange is building but, a short, five minutes away from highway 101. a consumer alert for anyone who shops at sam's club, the food product being recalled. >> a dispute over a popular travel website and what you will no longer be able to buy on orbit. >> more weather and traffic all morning as we give you a life look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> the new abc7 news now. beautiful sunrise. looking to the east you can see the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge. more news and
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>> covering novato, oakland, subany veil and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:45 a look outside as we look at the eastern span of the bay bridge with traffic moving along with no problems. at all. leyla gulen has traffic. the bay looks pretty calm. the ocean is not so much. surf is up across the california
6:46 am
coastline. it is because of a hurricane churning in the pacific. matt keller is in pacifica with details. matt? we have waves getting bigger the past half hour had pacifica and we are expecting them to get bigger later today into tomorrow. in southern california beaches could see the biggest wave in 17 years because of hurricane marie off the mention condition coast. surfers enjoyed waves 10' high with waves today as high as 30'. that is the biggest wave event at the popular surf spot since then. beaches up the southern california coast see large waves and rip currents and surfers and wimmers are warned. waves are expected to peak at 6' to 8' today and tomorrow expected to be the biggest day. surf's up in the bay area.
6:47 am
>> she did it again, serial stowaway marilyn heart man is in custody this only after discovered loitering at sky harbor in phoenix. the 62-year-old was spotted in baggage claim. show did not have a ticket. she was warned to stay away 10 days ago. she tried to sneak on planes eight times before and made it to a flight at mineta san jose airport. she faces criminal express trespass. >> a woman recalled 93,000 pounds of caesar salad over terms of contamination. the kits were shipped to sam's club stores and are from foods with use by dates through accept 17. there have been no reports of
6:48 am
illness with the reports at now wall street, early numbers show the dow is up two points so flat. american airlines and us airways are pulling flight lifting from orbit offer fees charged. american says they are dropping the fares and us airways listings are pulled on monday. corporate customers can still back through orbit but individuals to go to the airlines' individual sites or other travel agent. >> burger king facing a burger backlash for buying tim her ton and moving headquarters to that country. angry customers are flooding facebook saying "we hear you, we not moving, we are just growing and finding new ways to senator you better." they denied this is driven to part to pay lower taxes.
6:49 am
there is a temperature for that when an american company buys a when an american company buys a foreign company to lower taxes. making shareholders' happy? >> doughnuts and coffee at tim horton. >> good morning, everyone. seven miles is the visibility in santa rosa with clouds rolling in at eight miles per hour at half moon bay and the rest of us are unlimited and we did not have delays at sfo. you do not realize how fast the sun is lying until you try to catch it. if you missed it, there were gorgeous pictures go to my twitter postings. this is gorgeous. now, temperature-wise if you are headed to bart, we have vine in
6:50 am
daly city and san leandro and 57 and lafayette is 58 and dublin/pleasanton is 58. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 60's with pittsburg and hayward at 63 the warm spot and 62 in san francisco. we are above the marine player and you can see it is making a late push across our neighborhood but it has a short shelf life. our warmest temperatures are today through friday and clouds are at 9 coast until this time in the morning when they make the late push again with high clouds and cooler conditions over the weekend pushing high pressure away from us and dim our sunshine. today, home 80's through most the santa clara valley and los gatos and gilroy low-to-mid 90's and sunshine and 77 santa cruz and low 80's for the peninsula and san mateo north, dropping to the upper to mid-70's and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and colma at 66 and flirting with the low 70's downtown and sausalito and mid-to-upper 60's loan the north
6:51 am
bay coast up to 88 in napa and very warm and above average with the average high at 84. mid-to-upper 70's along the east bay shore from 74 in berkeley to 79 in fremont and the first day you need the air conditioning upper 80's to mid-90 a string of fur to five days where we will be up to 90. note game tonight, four game set and tomorrow is the day game, 7:15, 54, it is by the end of the game, temperatures dropping down into the mid-50's to the north and the rest of the us in the upper 50's to low 60's. seven-day outlook shows the heat headaching tomorrow and high clouds the same on friday as today and cooler on saturday and sunday but no rain is in the forecast. >> you looking for a term "inversion," when a domestic company buys a foreign company to lower taxes. i used to produce a business
6:52 am
show that is why i know. >> good morning, everyone, the drive through berkeley has lanes blocked because of an early accident and debris is causing the slow down westbound 88 at university avenue and the rest of the drive converging on oakland through piedmont 580 and 880 all moving along at top speed and to the south we have the accident westbound 580 at castro valley boulevard so a plane could be blocked and everything is pushed to the shoulder. i was a hit-and-run accident but the drive is slow northbound 238 along 880 in the southbound direction it is jammed, bumper-to-bumper traffic into fremont. all morning it is abc7 news >> the smaller screen shows a beautiful sunrise in the east bay and, also, the eastern span of the bay bridge and track on 680 and walnut creek and you can see that throughout the entire
6:53 am
commercial break. see you in 90 he hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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>> here are seven things to know: number one, students at most napa schools head back to class today after campus got the green light from inspectors. officials say stone bridge will stay close because of treasural damage from the earthquake and first order of business this morning is earthquake drills for
6:55 am
students. officials closed collection sites at several schools with garbage covering the parking lot and officials now are asking residents to dump debris at other designated sites. bart avoided what could have been a big mess with crews working through the might to fix the track damage on the with video of the first train to sfo with service running normally. >> an american journalist held captive for two career by syrian militants is become on united states soil and reunited after being released over the weekend. fours say an american woman doing humanitarian work in sorryia has been kidnapped by the islamic state. >> giants ace bumgarner against >> giants ace bumgarner against the rockies at at&t park and
6:56 am
>> and the nbc seven days, there is a chance of strong aftershocks at 1 to 10 afters and we are looking at temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and capital train corridor is delayed at emeryville because of equipment problems and as we look at the san mateo bridge it was nice and clear but a few extra cars. on 101 northbound in san francisco, we have a fast lane blocked because of an accident there. we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> see new 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" and we can learn about business news from league laying. from league laying. >> a few
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good morning, america. developing now, double danger on both coasts. those two hurricanes churning in open water on both sides of the u.s. fueling monster swells and huge waves in the west, one surfer already killed. and extreme rip currents up and down the east coast. the white house mobilizing support for potential air strikes in syria after new warnings about isis this morning. this american killed fighting for the terror group as we get these new images of the freed american journalist who arrived home in boston overnight. >> and josh shaw. >> new questions about the college football star who says he jumped from the second story of an apartment complex to save his 7-year-old nephew from drowning spraining his ankles. usc says the story is under investigation. now his sister speaks out. let me t


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